COVID-19 Drayage Update

Drayage Industry Update

As our nation continues to partially reopen from coast to coast, drayage outlook remains mostly optimistic.

NTG is seeing an increase of import volume into the United States compared to domestic demand. That is likely to even out once businesses resume operations across the country. There is increased optimism on the horizon as more ships are sailing the seas with fewer blanked (cancelled) sailings, pointing to a step towards a positive market future.

NTG’s Drayage Department is constantly working to ensure more volume for our drayage carrier network. In coordination with our Customer Sales Departments, we are helping to fill available capacity and support our carriers on a daily basis.

Also, NTG’s Drayage Department is working tirelessly to provide customers with competitive market pricing and dedicated service in the industry. Established relationships with our dedicated drayage carrier network allows us to provide superior rates to shippers, supporting more growth opportunities for our drayage carriers.

Once normalcy has returned, NTG is fully equipped for the incoming increased capacity and will continue to provide high-touch service with our core drayage carrier network to support any supply chain needs in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak.

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