Take Advantage of our

Carrier Rep Program

Carrier Reps are here to make your job easier.

NTG carrier reps are more than freight brokers; they build long-lasting relationships within our high-volume carrier network.

Whether you have one truck or a fleet, you can count on your NTG representative to match our shipments with your capacity.

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established relationships. high-touch service.

NTG relies on our network of independent trucking companies, of all sizes, to deliver thousands of shipments each day. Our Carrier Rep program was built on a strong foundation of service, long-standing relationships, and 24/7 availability. Your NTG representative looks out for your best interest, giving you access to the best shipments for your capacity, making sure you get paid accurately and timely, and much more!

carrier rep program benefits

One point of contact

Each NTG carrier is given a dedicated representative to help service their everyday freight needs. We focus on long-term growth with a partnership mentality. Your rep is there to help grow your business and keep you charging forward!

Daily load board access

Gain access to our online Carrier portal NTGVision to project and contract lanes, establish dedicated lanes, and negotiate and lock-in rates. Our interactive portal provides NTG carriers with access to a load board with enhanced search capabilities and real-time payment status - all in one place!

24/7 service & Dispatch

Our experienced teams work 24/7 to ensure each and every one of your shipments run smoothly. Day or night, you can count on your rep to be there for you. We are committed to your success!

"It has been a great pleasure working with our rep and the NTG team. The dedication to service from the NTG team has increased our productivity, and kept our drivers moving. Between dedicated projects, to tight spots, our rep has been able to provide loads fitting our needs. We've worked side by side to grow our relationship, from booking 8-10 loads every now and then, to booking over 100 loads every month! We hope to continue this progress and increase these numbers more and more!"

NTG Carrier Partner

"When we call our rep, we know the phone will be answered quickly and we can expect accurate load information in a timely matter so we can work with our driver to make the best decision possible. Our rep will reach out to our office as well just to check and see what our needs are for the day.  I've booked several loads just because he took the time to see if we needed some help." 

NTG Carrier Partner

Global Trade Award

Program focus

Join our Carrier Rep program to enhance your NTG experience,
and you'll gain access to even more opportunities:

  • 24-hour coverage
  • Established dedicated lanes
  • Negotiate and lock-in rates
  • Project and contract lanes
  • Focus on long-term growth with partnership mentality