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How Carriers Benefit With a

Carriers can obtain endorsements on top of a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) in order to run specialized shipments. Endorsements are certifications drivers have to obtain that require additional knowledge and skill set. Specifically, a T-Endorsement allows a driver to tow double/triple trailers in additional to the regular freight trailer. It’s important to know that a T-Endorsement never expires and will last as long as a driver retains their Class A CDL. 

Why Should a Carrier Obtain a T-Endorsement? 

  1. More load options become available to carriers with a T-Endorsement. As we approach Peak Season, this is one option for carriers to have access to additional loads solely due to the double/triple certification.   
  2. Higher pay on loads that require a T-Endorsement. Such loads require a knowledge niche and special driving skills to operate double/triple trailers, so carriers earn more money on these load options. Look at it this way: carriers are hauling double (sometimes triple) the freight for the same time as they would haul a single trailer. This allows for earning more money in the same timeframe as for a standard run. 
  3. Convenient schedule becomes a reality. Double/triple loads are round-trip, allowing carriers to be home every night and taking advantage of schedule that works for them. 
  4. Minimal equipment is required to run T-Endorsement loads. Carriers only need a power unit and a pintle hook and they’re good to go. Carriers have to be able to perform the coupling/uncoupling process (physically attaching/detaching trailers) in order to deliver the shipments.  
  5. Sign up process is easy and affordable. The specific process to obtain a T-Endorsement varies by state but generally the sign-up process is simple and affordable for carriers.  

How to Obtain a T-Endorsement? 

As mentioned above, each state has its own qualifications for T-Endorsements. Most states, however, will require the following: 

  1. Possession of a CDL Class A license 
  2. Pass a knowledge test  
  3. Minimal certification fee - usually between $0 and $50, depending on the state 

Carriers can find specific state T-Endorsement qualifications on that particular DMV state government website.  

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