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A Look Inside Reverse Logistics

Feb 17, 2021

With a boom in e-commerce due to the pandemic, the practice of reverse logistics is more important than ever. The basics of this process is defined as the process of the return of products one or multiple steps back in the supply chain, either from final destination back to shipper or back to distribution center. There are many factors involved in the process, including keeping costs low, keeping the customer happy with an easy return process and helping plan for the unknown. Our team is working closely with customers and carriers to make this a smooth process, below are more details on this process and how NTG can provide reverse solutions.


When a customer purchases a good from a retailer that does not work, they will likely return the item back to the retailer. It’s difficult to plan for when and how much product will be returned, which is typically 15% of sales, but our team works with customers to make sure plans are in place so that we can execute once needed. If this process is a hassle for the customer, they are likely to not shop with that retailer again, which will create a loss in business and future sales. Our team also works with our trusted network of carriers to find the best optimized routes for the return logistics process.

When is reverse logistics most used?

The NTG team sees an increase in use in January, February, early March and after the holiday peak season. These are the times of year a customer is most likely to be shopping and making returns. In addition to retailer returns, the NTG team also sees a need for this in remanufacturing, recalls, unsold goods, delivery failures and rentals.

NTG Solution

During times of heavy use, the supply chain is already exhausted due to high volumes and it’s imperative our team remains organized and in communication with customers. NTG’s extensive carrier network keeps the reverse process moving and helps our team provide the best service to customers. Our team also works closely with customers by providing visibility solutions so the customer can be prepared to adapt quickly to manage return loads.

To learn how NTG can help your business handle reverse logistics demand, contact one of our logistics experts today.

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