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What Concerns Drop Trailer Solutions Solve in Peak Season

Peak logistics season often forces shippers to search for solutions that allow them to ship more cargo faster. Drop trailers offer both carriers and shippers an excellent solution – to handle more volume in a short timeframe.

Due to the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, there is a greater emphasis on keeping drivers and equipment moving as efficiently as possible. To keep up with the mandate, shippers are looking for ways to reduce loading and unloading times as well as opportunities to become a “shipper of choice.” Drop trailers offer the perfect opportunity to accomplish these goals for several reasons.

About Drop Trailers

A drop trailer is a trucking trailer left or “dropped” by the driver at a shipper’s facility. The receiver then can load or unload the trailer at their convenience, which provides several logistical benefits. Once the trailer has been loaded or unloaded, either the original driver or a new driver returns to pick up the trailer at a predetermined time.

Benefits of Using Drop Trailers During Peak Season

Eliminate Delivery Windows

Without a drop trailer capability, carriers are required to arrive at the delivery location within a previously determined appointment window. That way, warehouse workers are on hand to load or unload trailers. However, during peak season, delivery appointment windows can be much smaller, and hours-of-service requirements set by the ELD mandate can limit a driver’s ability to meet the short delivery window.

No Lost Time Waiting on Loading/Unloading

When carriers make their delivery window, they are left waiting for their trailer to be emptied or loaded – in most cases, this can take up to several hours. This delay results in drivers losing valuable hours that could be better spent on the road serving other customers. Drop trailers allow carriers and shippers to move at their convenience and discretion – eliminating time spent waiting for loading or unloading of cargo.

Lower Shipping Costs

Drop trailer programs can help you lower your shipping costs in a number of different ways. First, these programs can eliminate most, if not all, detention-related charges. Second, drop trailer programs are an excellent way to avoid fines related to must-arrive-by-dates (MABD) on strict retail deliveries. MABD’s are increasing and when they are missed, they result in costly fines.

The last cost-saving benefit of drop trailers is the ability to lower cost-per-mile on lanes that allow drop trailer programs. Consistent volume and detailed loading procedures allow carriers to get more precise with pricing commitments, ultimately lowering the cost for shippers.