API / EDI Integration




NTG offers industry-leading API and EDI integration capabilities to simplify your shipping process. Our API/EDI integrations maximize efficiencies and eliminate operational and accounting errors, saving you time and money.

NTG’s dedicated API and EDI teams work closely with NTG’s in-house developers and your API/EDI team to ensure a seamless integration process, from start to finish.

NTG encourages all API and EDI-compliant customers to integrate with any and all applicable transaction sets and service offerings from the following:


  • EDI 204 — Motor Carrier Load Tender
  • EDI 997 — Functional Acknowledgement
  • EDI 990 — Response to a Load Tender
  • EDI 214 — Shipment Status Message
  • EDI 210 — Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice


  • Shipment Status
  • Shipment Location
  • Rating (LTL Only)
  • Loading Tender (LTL Only)

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