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Transportation Insight Holding Company (TI) is the combination of industry-leading logistics providers Transportation Insight and Nolan Transportation Group (NTG). TI brings over two decades of multimodal expertise and technology to the logistics industry and ranks among North America’s top logistics companies. TI services more than 14,000 shippers and over 80,000 carriers through its proprietary BeonDigital Logistics Platform – a single point of access to TI’s mode-agnostic network and services from port to porch. The TI services and digital product portfolio spans North America, offering domestic freight and parcel transportation solutions, warehousing, data intelligence and supply chain consulting. For more information visit: www.TIholdco.com



TI & NTG service more than 14,000 shippers and over 80,000 carriers through its proprietary BeonTM Digital Logistics Platform - a single point of access to TI & NTG’s mode-agnostic network and services.

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From on-demand brokerage solutions to parcel claims management, TI & NTG solutions are designed to give shippers and carriers the intelligence, tools and expert-led support they need to create a more resilient supply chain and adapt to market volatility.

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Supply Chain Consulting

Leveraging expertise, data and technology, supply chain consulting is designed to optimize shippers’ logistics networks. From inventory placement, mode analysis to overall network design, a team is here to help shippers reach new heights.

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