Get Connected

Get Connected

Real-time tracking and visibility technology has transformed the industry by improving communication and increasing performance levels across the supply chain. Shippers now rely on digital tracking to provide them complete visibility of their shipment while also improving transparency with carriers and 3PLs.

NTG prides itself on providing optimal visibility solutions and delivering shippers ease of mind. NTG has worked diligently to offer carriers a variety of tracking options that match your capabilities and meet your needs.


Connect via your existing ELD device.


Connect via your preferred locational device.


Connect your TMS via an API or EDI integration.


Connect via your mobile device by opt-in or our partner apps.

Carrier Tracking Preferred Partners

Our Preferred Partners work collaboratively with NTG shippers and carriers to customize programs and increase route communication.

Descartes Macropoint logo

By partnering with Descartes MacroPoint™ our customers gain access to the industry's largest connected network of transportation assets & carriers. Through unmatched integrations and high quality, real-time data aggregation, our team can track and/or match more of your freight with greater efficiency and increased customer satisfaction, all powered by a network of over 3 million trucking assets, 1.4 million drivers and 160,000 carriers.

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Join thousands of carriers worldwide using project44 to provide information to their customers securely and easily — all for free. project44 allows you to automatically share delivery status updates and ETAs to NTG, reducing check calls and dwell time, via the technology that you already use (ELD/​telematics provider, carrier dispatch system or TMS).

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