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2021 Produce Season Overview and Challenges

Produce season takes place primarily from April to July, based on regional growing seasons – and deals with the large influx of fruits and vegetables being harvested and delivered across borders and throughout the country. The quick increase in demand during this time makes route efficiency and logistics planning essential to the success of freight deliveries. Due to the impact of the pandemic and tight capacity in the market, combined with the freezes from the winter storms that hit Texas and the Southeast in February – shippers during produce season could see some challenges. Aside from potential shifts in the produce season “start” date as farmers recover from storms and ensure their crops are ready for distribution, there are numerous other variables that can impact the transport of produce goods, making early preparation and supply chain efficiency plans essential for success.

With prime produce season approaching, NTG’s leadership team is expecting to see and find solutions to the following:

  • Inclimate weather altering logistics routes
  • Accurate temperature control for essential shelf-life of produce
  • Limited reefer capacity due to the pandemic
  • Blockages at borders and ports prolonging driving routes and delivery times
  • Shortage of drivers on the road to transport goods
  • Impact of pandemic safety restrictions and consumer comfort in grocery stores and restaurants
  • Crop harvest delay due to winter storms
  • Limited warehouse space available 

NTG operates a refrigerated-only office dedicated to shipping solely temperature-controlled freight, ensuring the delivery of quality products in a timely manner. Our access to a wide range of fleet options and carrier partners allow us to effectively plan and execute deliveries during the busy produce season.

If you need a deeper dive on refrigerated shipping, check out our blog post on what to know when shipping refrigerated freight. Click to learn more about NTG’s refrigerated shipping services and to contact our experienced refrigerated shipping experts.