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Aug 18, 2023

4 Steps for Success in Oversized Flatbed Shipping


Shipping oversized loads on flatbed trucks can be a challenging and complex task. From securing unique equipment for over-dimensional or overweight freight to sourcing specialized truck types, each step of the shipping process requires careful consideration. This guide dives into the challenges of shipping oversized loads on flatbeds and explores how finding the right flatbed provider can simplify the process.

Step 1: Find a specialized carrier.

Shipping oversized loads requires a carrier with the expertise, experience and resources to meet unique freight requirements.

Step 2: Make sure they have the right equipment.

A specialized carrier can provide or accommodate unique equipment such as straps, tarps, chains and binders that are necessary to secure and protect the cargo during transit. These carriers’ expertise in handling over-dimensional or overweight shipments ensures they can navigate the complexities of securing proper permits, planning optimal routes and employing specialized equipment like cranes, forklifts or rigging systems to safely transport your cargo.

Step 3: Make sure they have the right truck type.

Flatbed trucks come in various sizes and types. Common sizes like 48′ are easy to find, but other truck types like 53′ trailers or specialized trailers like low boys, step decks, RGNs, and conestogas are harder to source. Each type of flatbed truck has its advantages – so work with the carrier to make sure the truck type will meet your needs and keep your load safe.

Partnering with a specialized carrier with access to diverse and unique truck types can guarantee that your freight is transported using the most appropriate and efficient equipment, creating a more streamlined shipping process.

Step 4: Make sure they have the right handling methods.

Proper freight handling during shipping is essential to minimize the risk of damage or loss.

Oversized cargo requires unique handling and storage techniques that require specific expertise. Choosing a specialized carrier that prioritizes proper freight handling enables you to have complete visibility and control over the shipping process and to ensure the safe delivery of your freight. Some carriers allow you to approve or adjust how your freight is secured before it’s moved, ensuring that your freight is handled with care and according to your specifications.

Shipping oversized loads on flatbeds poses unique challenges, so working with a partner that has the right expertise and can guide you through the process is extremely important.

When choosing a specialized carrier with expertise, experience and resources in shipping oversized cargo guarantees a seamless shipping process. Partnerships with brokers like NTG, who prioritize customer satisfaction, give you peace of mind and confidence in the safe and secure delivery of your oversize loads. By working with a specialized carrier, you can be assured that your cargo is in good hands, and its challenging transportation needs will be met with the best possible solutions.

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