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An NTG Thanksgiving – By The Numbers

The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner and people are looking forward to eating their favorite holiday dishes. But did you know that NTG plays a crucial role in bringing those dishes to your dinner table?

NTG and our carrier partners work tirelessly to ensure your family has the perfect Thanksgiving feast every year. In 2018 alone, NTG moved over 10 million pounds of food products to make your Thanksgiving holiday a success.

Between last October and last November, NTG and our carrier partners transported over:

  • 3 million pounds of turkey
  • 8 million pounds of bread
  • 3 million pounds of potatoes
  • 640,000 pounds of pie
  • 440,000 pounds of stuffing
  • 250,000 pounds of yams
  • 85,000 pounds of green beans
  • 56,000 pounds of cranberry sauce

With a trusted network of over 30,000 carriers, NTG is always ready to help shippers find capacity for their shipments. Reach out to one of our industry experts today and they’ll help you navigate through the holiday shipping process with ease!