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Sep 15, 2019

Brake Safety Inspection Week – What Should Shippers Expect?


The 2019 Brake Safety Week by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is upon us, operating from September 15th to 21st. Enforcement officials across North America are conducting roadside safety inspections of commercial motor vehicles, potentially causing a shortage of carrier capacity and an increase in spot rates for shippers. Throughout the week, inspectors are focusing on a commercial vehicle’s brake system, such as hoses and tubing, to highlight their crucial importance to vehicle mechanical fitness and overall road safety.


Spot rates are likely to increase due to a shortage of capacity. Throughout the week-long inspections, shippers need to plan and be aware of restricted capacity and carriers might find it difficult to deliver by set deadlines. Vehicles that fail inspection and receive a violation may get placed out of service for several days, further adding to the capacity shortage.

“Even for carriers with high compliance standards, the risks and costs associated with getting a citation could lead them to keep trucks off the road,” says Senior Vice President of Carrier Operations Perry Falk. “This is a great time to lean on a broker, if your regular carrier is off the road, NTG will be able to source new capacity for you that is complaint and reliable.”

With a trusted network of over 30,000 carriers, NTG is ready to help shippers find capacity for their shipments and alleviate any supply chain delays resulting from the Brake Safety Inspection Week. Reach out to one of our industry experts today so they can solve your capacity problems!

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