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Jun 24, 2021

Carrier Solutions to Enhance Business Growth


The last year has been anything but normal in the supply chain industry, and that holds true for carriers as well. Due to tight market conditions, carriers of all sizes have new opportunities and carrier solutions to enhance business growth and provide much-needed capacity relief to shipping operations. Per the WSJ, trucking capacity is predicted to grow by 3% to 3.5% this year while truckload volume is predicted to grow by at least triple that, between 8% to 12%. Predictions show that capacity concerns will continue to be top-of-mind as volume continues to surge due to consumer demand.

As we have seen recently, any disruptor can have an amplified effect on the supply chain as a result of an already fragile market. The supply chain has endured numerous disruptions this year that have altered supply chain routes and delayed delivery schedules. The current state of the supply chain is described as stretched, strained and broken in unprecedented fashion highlighting the need to remain nimble and transparent, while adjusting quickly when unprecedented events occur. These strategies have become more necessary for success than ever before and can be aided by taking advantage of proven technology designed for you (carriers) in mind.

Interactive Carrier Portal

Carrier solutions, in addition to a basic load board, are needed to enhance business growth long-term. Owner-operators, small to mid-size, and large fleets can all benefit from interactive (and free) carrier portals that go way beyond load board access. If you haven’t signed up for a carrier portal from a 3PL, make sure to do so! Such technology further allows you to access route planning, preferred load matching through specific preferences in carrier profiles, document management and real-time payment status. All of these capabilities allow you to plan ahead and strategize the most efficient routes for their drivers well in advance.

NTG’s carrier portal, NTGVision, provides access to thousands of daily shipments across the country. The advanced search capabilities optimize carrier options with the best routes to match carrier preferences. Access NTG’s load board to unlock enhanced route guidance today!

Dedicated Carrier Representative

Everyone in the supply chain industry plays a certain role – shippers need freight moved while carriers are focused on driving on the roads. To keep carriers driving and moving freight, you need to take advantage of a 3PL’s carrier solutions, such as dedicated representatives. 3PLs have Carrier Sales Departments that are solely focused on helping you gain more freight opportunities on a consistent basis. Just ask your 3PL partner to connect you with a dedicated representative!

Having a dedicated Carrier Sales Representative that works for you every day saves you time and streamlines operations so you or your team can spend more time driving. Carrier Sales Representatives do the grunt work and search for routes that would best fit your specific needs, regardless of if you have 5 trucks or 5,000 trucks. Unrelated of market conditions, having a dedicated person who works with you consistently helps you focus on the things that matter most to you – growing your business.

Utilizing a Carrier Sales Representative allows you to provide your load preferences and they’ll easily and quickly connect you with shippers that match those needs. Increasing your productivity and helping your bottom line is a priority for Carrier Sales Representatives.

Leveraging current market conditions and accessing additional carrier solutions is a great way to enhance business growth and establish long-term longevity.

EXTRA: Learn how you can unlock additional carrier solutions and maximize your partnership with NTG.

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