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How SMB Shippers Can Navigate a Challenging Market

Jun 8, 2021

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Just as large companies need supply chain partners to move a product from one place to another, small businesses deserve a partner dedicated to providing the same high-quality level of solutions and service. Small and midsize businesses (SMB) need a shipping partner to help navigate the shipping landscape by providing resources and current market trends, helping you understand the mistakes to avoid and keeping your supply chain strategy on track to ensure your product is moving in the right direction.

Prepare For Market Trends In Advance

The supply chain industry has seen costs skyrocket as a result of changes in the market, and small to midsize companies are feeling the pressure on shipping strategies. As high demand outpaces supply in the industry – and causing rates to soar – SMB shippers are facing a “carriers’ market.” With this surplus of freight coupled with limited supply, you must prepare in advance and be proactive, plan accordingly, fully understand your supply chain and choose the best 3PL according to your needs. This advanced preparation is crucial as industry experts do not anticipate capacity to loosen up until at least the second quarter of 2022.  

Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

As you build your SMB shipping strategy for delivering products to consumers, you need to be aware of the supply chain mistakes to avoid. Before handing your product to just any third party, do your research. Not all 3PLs are created equal, so you want to explore your options to find the partner that fits your specific needs. Understanding your supply chain, from production to delivery, is essential. Take the time to learn about each process and timeline involved so that you’re looking at the complete picture. This knowledge also helps you minimize surprises and shipping disruptors. Utilize shipper technology to your advantage – it will become the go-to resource for saving you time and money. Leverage digitization and choose a partner that aligns with the same level of end-to-end visibility and communication that helps you create a seamless shipping experience.

“At NTG, we understand the importance of a small to midsize shipper business. We know that in order for a SMB shipper to grow, we must treat that shipment with the same urgency and attention that we would any customer – whether small or large. That attention and focus we give the SMB shipper is what sets NTG apart and allows us to provide the best solutions to help you evolve, tackle market challenges and grow in the marketplace.”

Harris Rainbow, Chief Operating Officer at NTG

Learning more about your supply chain and how the current market affects your day-to-day operations is key to ensuring your business runs smoothly. To see how NTG partners with SMB shippers through an enhanced portfolio of shipping solutions, speak with one of our experts today to get started.