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Hurricane Laura – Industry Update

As Hurricane Laura is making way through the Gulf states, it is leaving behind a path of devastation in communities and disruption to supply chains.

“Capacity has already been affected a great amount in 2020 and now add a hurricane, DOT Brake Week and end-of-month (EOM) on top of that and it creates a perfect storm,” comments Drew Herpich, NTG’s EVP of Enterprise Strategy.

Drew provides further insight into how Hurricane Laura is impacting the logistics industry below.

  • Louisiana and Texas are the hardest hit states. What people do not talk about is the impact to the major hubs around those cities, such as, Houston, Dallas, Memphis and Atlanta. That means, the industry will see loads out of MO, AR, MS, AL, etc. affected indirectly.
  • Shippers are prepping now- sending water, food, wood, and various supplies into the impacted region. In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, we will see Red Cross, FEMA, and additional relief organizations deploy the majority of resources to the areas in need.
  • Customers from a contract and primary perspective are now struggling to find carriers. Bounces and fall-offs are also prevalent during these events. That is where customers can take advantage of their 3PL relationship. 3PLs work to source capacity that is usually hard to find in the days after the hurricane makes its way through the Southeast states. In such times, customers benefit from a 3PL’s vast network of dedicated carriers that are equipped to handle diverse customer requests. Reach out to a trusted 3PL partner to alleviate your supply chain challenges during this time.

Hear Drew speak more on Hurricane Laura’s impact on the logistics industry and how NTG prepares for such events well in advance.

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