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Jan 10, 2023

Nolan Transportation Group (NTG) Launches Beon Rewards to Expand Carrier Experience


NTG invests in differentiated carrier support with Drivewyze partnership to further solidify position as a preferred partner for small fleet carriers with exclusive weigh station bypass program

Atlanta – January 10, 2023, Nolan Transportation Group (NTG), a leading provider of non-asset, tech-enabled logistics and brokerage solutions in North America, today announced the launch of Beon Rewards, an exclusive program that caters to the needs of smaller fleets by improving the NTG carrier experience. The new program, a continuation of efforts by NTG to position itself as the preferred partner for smaller fleets, enables carriers to earn reward points for hauling loads with NTG and curbs carrier turnover with access to member-specific benefits, like Drivewyze PreClear.

“Smaller fleet carriers face numerous challenges today from increasing costs to unexpected delays and driver satisfaction that inhibit efficient and effective operations,” said Drew Herpich, Chief Commercial Officer, TI & NTG. “We’ve worked hard to ensure we’re a go-to partner for these business owners, and Beon Rewards helps us double down on that work, and empower smaller carriers to address these problems, grow their business, provide quality service, and build an engaged and loyal driver network.”

The American Trucking Association estimates driver turnover at 73 percent for smaller fleets, but bypass programs can help curb turnover. Almost three quarters of drivers consider a bypass program extremely valuable when considering a commercial trucking job opportunity, with these services saving 7.5 hours of drive time each month according to the association.

Drivewyze is a leader in the transportation technology industry and the developer of PreClear, North America’s largest weigh station bypass service and the only software-based bypass solution. Through Beon Rewards, select carriers will have exclusive access to weigh station bypass via statuses of silver, gold or platinum, paid for by NTG. The technology works within a truck’s existing electronic logging or mobile device, without the need for a transponder. Drivewyze PreClear bypasses are available at more than 840 sites in 43 states and two Canadian provinces today.

“As an organization, Drivewyze’s vision is to make possible a commercial transportation system with zero crashes and zero fatalities,” said Frances Kilgour, Vice President of Business Development at Drivewyze. “Weigh station bypass works by looking at a fleet’s safety score and rewarding fleets that prioritize solid safety practices. For us, it makes perfect sense to work with a partner, like Nolan Transportation Group, to offer Drivewyze PreClear as an incentive to reward fleets for their hard-earned safety score.”

To sign up, carriers must register through Beon Carrier Portal. Carriers will receive priority access to freight and reward points for delivered loads. Carriers must meet a minimum load volume requirement annually to retain their status and reward points.

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