Power Only Transportation: A Flexible, Economical Option

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Jul 11, 2024

Power Only Transportation: A Flexible, Economical Option


Power only transportation is a cost-effective and flexible solution for transporting trailers without the need for a dedicated tractor or power unit. This blog post will not only explore what moving a power only load entails, but the advantages to businesses seeking efficient shipping solutions.

What is Power Only Freight?

Power only transportation involves the use of a tractor (power unit) to haul trailers from one location to another without being attached to a specific trailer permanently. Instead of owning or operating the power units, businesses can leverage power only trucking services to move trailers between distribution centers, warehouses or other facilities. This method offers a convenient and efficient way to transport goods without the need for a dedicated fleet of trucks.

Flexibility for the Shipper

One of the significant advantages of power only transportation is the increased flexibility it provides for shippers. Utilizing power only transportation allows businesses to take advantage of interchange agreements for the trailer. This is an agreement between two trucking companies allowing for the consignment of the trailer from one provider to another. This can also provide increased flexibility during peak seasons or provide a contingency plan if unexpected trailer breakdowns occur.

With interchange agreements, trailers can keep moving around, ensuring a smooth flow of goods and minimizing disruptions in supply chains.

More Power Units and Drivers

Especially for shippers who have their own trailers, power only agreements allow businesses to leverage a larger number of trailers and drivers without having to acquire additional power units.

Also, instead of leasing costly warehouse storage space, businesses can use drop trailers for temporary storage within the warehouse yard. By utilizing power only units, businesses can easily access additional trailers and drivers when needed, providing scalability and agility in managing their shipping operations.

Reduced Hiring Needs

By utilizing power only drivers, businesses can avoid the need to hire more drivers and units, especially during peak season and when sudden spikes in demand occur. Rather than investing in additional resources, businesses can rely on power only service providers to handle trailer pulls, enabling them to focus on core operations and strategic decision-making.

Power only transportation offers businesses a flexible and cost-effective solution for managing their transportation needs efficiently. By partnering with power only service providers or brokerages offering power only as an option, businesses can optimize their logistics operations, improve supply chain performance and reduce costs associated with truck ownership and maintenance.

With increased flexibility, access to more trailers and drivers, and reduced hiring needs, power only transportation is an asset for businesses seeking to streamline shipping processes and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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