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Shipper Advantages of Partnering with a 3PL

By: Stephen McIsaac, Senior Vice President of Brokerage Operations

Today, more than ever, shippers can greatly benefit from the offerings of a third-party logistics provider (3PL). A 3PL is a knowledgeable and experienced partner that provides simplified solutions to help manage the diverse needs of shippers and carriers across networks.

Using a 3PL allows you to access resources that optimize your supply chain while expanding your logistical network. Forward-thinking 3PLs save you time and money by leveraging technology to eliminate network barriers, scale your operation, and better execute your business strategies.

3PLs work within a transportation management system (TMS) that, at the most basic level, acts as a platform to optimize the movement of goods by increasing supply chain visibility and productivity. Finding a 3PL partner that invests heavily in their core technology is extremely beneficial when providing you with personalized solutions to fit your unique shipping needs. Start by understanding the capabilities of your 3PL provider when it comes to their integrations and customized solutions as you address your complex needs.

NTG has developed next-level technology platforms that provide complete visibility and secure solutions for any business model. You can read more on how NTG utilized such technology services to increase optimization for the snack and bakery industry.

When a seasonal surge comes, a 3PL can minimize the chaos by adapting and managing seasonal lane flows and providing needed capacity at the right cost. A 3PL with a vast and dependable carrier network is crucial during seasonal freight changes. As a shipper, utilizing such relationships is invaluable during everchanging markets. Finding a 3PL that leverages technology while placing an importance on building long-term relationships with carriers, can prove to be a value-add resource within your network year-round. According to Armstrong & Associates as published by Logistics Management, a 3PL customer uses an average of 2.7 services per 3PL relationship – meaning shippers are optimizing their 3PL relationships by leveraging multimodal service offerings to ensure the best shipping results.

NTG invests in carriers’ long-term success through carrier resources such as NTGVision, a carrier portal with 24/7 access to available loads and real-time payment status, and NTG’s Carrier Sales Division providing carriers with a single point of contact in finding the best loads for their capacity. Learn more about NTG’s extensive carrier resources.

Regardless of market conditions, shippers leverage 3PLs to strengthen transportation operations. In order to make the most out of your 3PL relationship, it is important to take the time and ensure your 3PL partner is the right fit for you. Protecting your shipments and business while bringing on a new logistics partner can be a very daunting task. That’s why we have compiled the right questions you need to ask your 3PL partner on our blog, ‘6 Tips For Vetting Your Next 3PL partner.’