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Dec 16, 2020

Shipping Refrigerated Freight During the Holiday Season


Refrigerated freight presents its own unique challenges in the shipping industry, as temperature-controlled shipments require extra attention – and the type of attention varies depending on the season. Refrigerated freight most commonly applies to the food and beverage industry, and its inventory and supply chain management. Think about it: how do you ship large quantities of fresh, perishable products, such as produce, meat, dairy and florals, without compromising quality? That is where refrigerated freight and a reliable 3PL partner come into play.

Holiday Rush

The winter season presents an added challenge, with the holiday rush beginning in November, weather obstacles, and especially this year, people shifting to eating at home and shopping online. Grocery stores are stocking up, as are everyday consumers, and deliveries are needed fast in order to meet the demand of holiday shoppers. There’s a special focus on timeliness during the holiday months, a heavy shipping season where many people experience delays. It’s crucial to be in tune with refrigerated shipment needs in order to promptly and properly deliver loads even with these obstacles.

Winter Weather

More refrigerated shipments are out on the road longer than normal these days, and not only is food safety imperative, but so is travel. From rain, sleet and snow to crowded roadways, it’s important to have a partner experienced in working during these times.

Regarding the shipments themselves, just as in the summer, it’s important to keep things cool. In the winter, it’s important to keep temperatures from reaching freezing or heating too much. We encourage our carriers to keep trailer doors closed for as long as possible as to avoid changes from outdoor elements, minimizing external factors that could damage the refrigerated cargo.

Safety of Refrigerated Loads

We understand the ins-and-outs of keeping reefers on/off during loading and deliveries, and how important it is to not compromise the temperature of the trailer, and; thus, the integrity of the product inside. With NTG’s customer portal, shippers have real-time freight visibility from start to finish, offering a welcomed peace of mind while shipments are out on the road.

Why NTG?

NTG operates an entire office dedicated to temperature-controlled shipping, assuring our sole focus is on these types of deliveries – from understanding temperature requirements to delivery needs – and making the entire process seamless for shippers. We work in conjunction with our diverse temperature-controlled carrier network to be an integral partner year-round for shippers, especially during the busy holiday months.

This, coupled with ongoing commitment to on-time delivery, transit visibility and clear communication, is where NTG thrives as a 3PL partner. If you have any further questions about shipping refrigerated freight, please reach out to an NTG representative.

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