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Aug 10, 2021

Shipping Trends to Expect This Peak Season


Each year from August to the new year, the logistics industry is mainly focused on one thing: peak season. It brings high demand every year and industry professionals make sure to plan accordingly for a smooth season. This year, however, peak season is forecasted to be trickier to navigate than previous seasons due to continued high demand and tight capacity. Below are 3 peak season trends shippers need to understand.

High Shipping Rates

One trend the supply chain industry can count on is high shipping rates due to tight capacity and increased demand. The imbalance between supply and demand continues to be an issue, and it will not be solved before peak season arrives. Although this is of no surprise, adaptability and flexibility will be key in adjusting on a dime. Shippers need to prepare supply chain strategies well in advance so they don’t have to play catch-up once peak season is in full swing. Utilizing third-party logistics (3PL) services can be an operational relief with tight capacity holding steady.

E-commerce Highs & Lows

Depending on who you ask, this year’s peak season will either watch e-commerce hit record-highs or see it slightly slow its pace. Some predict that, while e-commerce is continuing to soar now, we may see a dip as the world reopens. People may opt to spend their money on events and experiences, making up for the last year that they were unable to do so, as opposed to buying hard goods. Additionally, with the enhanced federal unemployment benefits ending in early September, e-commerce traffic may see a shift as people slow their spending.

Urgency of Expedited Shipping

3PLs will experience a sense of greater urgency when it comes to expedited shipping. Shippers will depend on their 3PL partners to assist in meeting short-notice shipping needs for same-day and next-day deliveries. Responding to freight capacity proactively to utilize spot markets, for example, is one way 3PLs can keep up with the demand. With delays consistently popping up, 3PLs understands the ability to schedule same-day shipments is crucial. That’s why shippers need to take advantage of such capabilities and rest assured that their freight is on schedule and ultimately, avoiding supply chain disruptions.

Are you ready for this year’s peak season? The supply chain industry as a whole has played a crucial part in the balancing act resulting from the pandemic. No matter the unprecedented events, our team is ready to help ensure this year’s peak season is a successful one for shippers.

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