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Oct 27, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best LTL Shipping Provider


LTL shipping is very different than shipping full truckload. Choosing a less-than-truckload shipping provider that can deliver your goods on time and without damage is essential for success.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the top factors you should consider when shipping LTL, also leveraging data from Mastio’s recent survey for LTL carriers. By focusing on on-time pickup and delivery, product safety, carrier responsiveness and bill accuracy, you can be confident in choosing the ideal LTL shipping partner.

Time Pickup and Delivery: Meeting Your Deadlines with Confidence 

On-time delivery is a crucial factor in maintaining customer satisfaction and smooth operations. According to Mastio’s survey, businesses should prioritize LTL carriers that have a proven track record for on-time pickup and delivery. Look for carriers that offer reliable and accurate shipment tracking, allowing you to stay informed throughout the shipping process. When LTL carriers prioritize on-time delivery, you can meet your deadlines with confidence, keeping your customers happy and satisfied.

Product Safety: Ensure Your Goods Arrive Intact

Product safety is an essential consideration when shipping goods. According to Mastio’s survey, damaged products were the most common complaint from customers. To avoid these mishaps, ensure that your chosen LTL carrier has the necessary safety measures in place to protect your products during transit. Consider carriers that use secure packaging, proper loading techniques, and provide insurance coverage in case of damage.

Carrier Responsiveness: Building Relationships for Continued Success

Carrier responsiveness is an often-overlooked aspect of selecting an LTL shipping provider. According to Mastio’s survey, businesses should prioritize carriers that prioritize relationships with their customers. Look for carriers that have a reputation for excellent customer service, provide clear communication channels and respond promptly to your inquiries or concerns. With responsive carriers, you can build a strong relationship that will foster continued success in the long term.

Bill Accuracy: Trustworthy and Transparent Business Deals

Billing accuracy is the foundation of trustworthy and transparent business deals. According to Mastio’s survey, businesses should prioritize LTL carriers that provide accurate and transparent billing information. Or find a broker (like NTG) who will audit the invoice for an additional level of accuracy.  Look for carriers that provide clear and concise invoices, provide detailed information on shipping costs, and offer competitive pricing. By selecting a carrier with precise billing practices, you can be confident that you’re receiving the best possible value for your investment. 


Choosing the right LTL shipping provider is a critical component of your business success. Using a brokerage with LTL capabilities can ensure you are using carriers that are vetted and have more options than going to an LTL carrier directly.

By focusing on the factors mentioned above like on-time pickup and delivery, product safety, carrier responsiveness, and bill accuracy, you can be confident that you’re partnering with a provider that supports your business goals. NTG currently works with all the carriers that were named as 2023 Carrier Customer Value & Loyalty carriers including: Averitt Express, A. Duie Pyle, AAA Cooper, ABF, Central Transport, Daylight Transport, Dayton Freight Lines, Dohrn, Estes, FedEx Freight, Midwest Motor Express, Oak Harbor Freightlines, Old Dominion, Peninsula, Pitt Ohio, R&L Carriers, Roadrunner, Saia, Southeastern Freight Lines, TForce Freight, Ward Trucking and XPO Logistics.

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