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The Beon Digital Logistics Platform services 14,000+ shippers and 80,000+ carriers via a single point of access to Transportation Insight & NTG’s mode-agnostic network and services.

Beon was built by logistics experts leveraging proprietary technology and advanced machine learning algorithms to match demand to a capacity network of over 850,000 drivers in real-time, at the right price. TI & NTG’s combined team of 2,500 professionals utilize the platform today to manage over $15 billion in logistics spend, from the first to the final mile across all modes. By extending our proprietary technology directly to shippers and carriers, they can leverage our scale and data intelligence to grow their business on a proven platform.

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Beon Shipper

Increasing Resilience & Flexibility

Beon Shipper offers products and tools that empower shippers of all sizes and freight types to operate more efficiently, with on-demand access to net new capacity across all modes, intelligent technology for more visibility and control across operations, and expert-led services that increase support amidst ever-evolving needs.



More Freight & Faster Pay

Beon Carrier offers intuitive products and tools that make carriers’ lives easier – providing on-demand access to consistent freight, matching the right freight to unique capacity needs, paying faster to stay ahead, and providing flexible options across products and services to improve the carrier experience.


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Data Driven Insights

Access More Intuitive Data

The Beon Digital Logistics Platform is not just another stand-alone software solution that single-mindedly matches freight based on algorithms. The modern technology and data science leveraged internally across TI and NTG enables continuous scale. Beon uses advanced machine learning to optimize tools available to users, including dynamic pricing, load matching, automated tendering and supply chain analytics.

Logistic Experts

People Are Our Greatest Asset

Beon is not a tech-only solution. Experts are with users every step of the way because in logistics relationships matter, and people will always be relied on to provide the best service and execution. Beon combines the best of two worlds: highly motivated logistics experts and intelligent technologies to elevate supply chain experiences.

Beon Digital Logistics Platform