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Impact of Summer Weather on Refrigerated Freight

Demand for refrigerated freight is a year-long necessity, but due to the higher temperatures in the summer months as well as a need for Produce Season equipment, temperature-controlled carrier demand is greatly heightened. Having access to knowledgeable refrigerated carriers is integral in maintaining the shelf-life of goods during transit. That’s why 3PLs work closely with carriers to ensure that all refrigerated freight guidelines are being followed and freight is tracked and monitored throughout every step in the route. 

What You Need to Know

Being knowledgeable of the required temperature setting needed to keep goods fresh during transit (as well as delivery) is critical for shippers and their consumers. 3PLs provide regular monitoring of temperature settings throughout the route, ensuring that goods do not have an opportunity to spoil – especially during when temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the country. An experienced 3PL provides its carrier network with guidelines on transporting sensitive freight and insights on preserving optimal temperatures during shipments.

NTG Solutions  

At NTG, we offer a wide range of solutions for refrigerated freight, including a temperature-controlled dedicated office that operates solely with refrigerated carriers who make certain that every load is delivered in a timely, precise manner with the highest quality service available. We work with our carrier partners to provide end-to-end visibility, conducting temperature checks and providing regular customer updates with additional customized shipper solutions. Learn more about NTG’s refrigerated freight services or to talk to a cold chain expert, visit here